18/06/14 PDX || LAX

I am so grateful for everything I’ve done w my family. I’ve been on so many trips in my life and cannot fathom how my parents put up w two year old me on a 5 hr flight. But this trip that I’m about to leave for in less than two hours is v different. We are going to LA and San Diego for a family reunion and college visits. But the thing is the schools that we’re visiting aren’t even one that I want to look at and same w my brother. I think he’s interested in some schools, but it’s my parents that want to look at some of them. I know that they want to get something out of the college visits but I do t want to waste money on schools that I’m not even remotely drawn to.

I’m also really upset about not getting to do the one thing and only thing I want to do in LA. My dad asked me if there was anything wanted to do; so I told him if I could do anything and only one thing I would go to the AA Factory store.

I’m just so mad that this whole trip was planned for my brother and I but we’re not even looking at schools that we want to go to and that I had no say in planning it. I know that I sound v spoiled and not grateful; but when you have an opportunity to do anything you want wouldn’t you be upset when that doesn’t happen but everyone else does multiple things that they want to do??

My Starry Night

I look out onto a mountain; the gorge and masses of trees.

The mountain hides the sun as stars begin to blink their light

upon us.

Night falls as we sing of purple lights.

As the fire dies and feet trudge along the

gravel path, the stars illuminate my walk back.

I lie out in the grass and look above.

Oh starry night, I could lay here forever!

Seven weeks of happiness seem to be quickly swallowed up

by reality.

Oh starry night, I could lay here forever!

But until that time,

It will be Rivers and Roads until I reach you.

I just want a guy to cuddle with and teach me how to skate

I’ve always smiled like this
no one can sit higher than me on the met steps
Christmas Poncho?


First off I hate how school has become more about goo grade rather than learning. And I wish it wouldn’t be such a dread to go to school and learn, because learning is all we have right now.

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